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Below is a brief description of lingerie and related topics.


A fantasy is a situation imagined by an individual or group, which does not correspond with reality but expresses certain desires or aims of its creator. Fantasies typically involve situations which are impossible (such as the existence of magic powers) or highly unlikely (such as world peace). Fantasies can also be sexual in nature.

French Maid- French Maid outfits, worn by women (men in French Maid outfits also in other Fetishes), are an occasional subject of sexual fetishism. They are a form of ladies' fantasy wear that depending on design details can be classified as sexy costumes, lingerie.

The name French Maid outfit derives from their being worn by stereotypical characters in risque dramas of the bedroom farce variety and movies would portray French maids in the movies.

A wide variety of costumes are manufactured and marketed under the "French maid" description today. These range from comparatively modest dresses extending well down the thigh to transparent nightgowns or outright lingerie ensembles that cover almost nothing. Some costumes are marketed to transvestites and crossdressers.

The classic French Maid costume, however, is a very short and clingy dress (ideally silk or closely resembling it) trimmed with white lace(some with white ruffles in the lingerie french maid costume). If underware are worn with it, they are white and ruffled, and the dress is short enough to display them, especially when the woman bends over. Black fishnet stockings and black shoes with high heels complete the ensemble, with trim typically including a tiny white apron attached to the dress, and white fringes on the hems and (revealing) neckline. Common accessories include a frill worn in her hair, a featherduster, and sometimes white lace cuffs and collar. The cuffs are not attached to the dress, if the dress has sleeves they are short and puffed. A corset or other piece of lingerie may be worn underneath.

Costumes are sometimes worn to costume parties and sometimes in the BDSM/Fetish(toy site) roleplay. (whether on brief occasions or as a routine form of servitude to the woman's or mens lover). They enjoy a wide popularity and are available from this store at great prices!

Fantasywear is a style that some find erotic, or as exotic clothing, usually including lingerie that people wear in the boudoir for living out Sexual Fantasies in Fantasy wear.

Such Fantasy costumes are exampled by the Fembot or French Maid or Fraulein outfits ensembles, or by the use of materials such as PVC, Satin or Rubber or leather.

FemBot- As seen in the movies, it is a robot that has sexy lingerie, exotic club wear on that makes it more appealing to the viewer, Fantasies of a sexbot is really all that a FemBot would be. A women type robot that wears excotic clothing and lets peoples dreams run a muck.



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