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Intimate FashionZ Brief LINGERIE Description Page.

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Below is a brief description of lingerie and related topics.

CAMISOLE- A cami or camisole is a woman's tight, sleeveless undergarment, lingerie, In contrast to a loose-fitting Babydoll lingerie or Chemise lingerie

CHEMISE- The chemise, called a smock or shift in the 16th century, was a simple garment worn next to the skin to protect clothing from sweat and body oils(much like Xarmor today). Chemise is a French term. Italians called it a "Camicia". The English called the same shirt a "Smock" and the Irish called it a "Léine" (pronounced LAY-na). A chemise or shift was the foundation of most multilayered garments. As such it varied from utilitarian to decorative according to type of material used and visibility. It was used in various forms from early 10th century to 15th century Italian through to the end of our period. In the Midle ages and Renassiance time, it was usually the only piece of clothing that was washed regularly. Also check out Lingerie, or other garments listed above to reffrence these terms.

Corselet- A corselet is a bra, griddle and panties all in one sometimes with lace or ruffles in front or back

Costume- The term costume can refer to as wardrobe (in the movies) and dress in general, or to the distinctive style of dress of a particular people, class, or period. It can also refer to the artistic arrangement of accessories in a picture, play, statue etc. Appropriate to the time, place, or other circumstances represented or described, or to a particular style of clothing worn to portray the wearer as a character or type of character other than their regular persona at a social event such as a fancy dress party, or in an artistic theatrical performance or the French maid! Theatrical costumes, in combination with other aspects, serve to portray performers' age, gender role, profession, social class, personality, and suchlike which in the lingerie industry is used to help people live out there fantasies. Most of the lingerie costumes are ones that are common uniforms for most, just taken to the next level by adding sexy flare and touch to the lingerie sexy costume, but still leaving that common ground of what it represents. Sometimes theatrical costumes literally mimic what the costume designer thinks the character would wear if the character actually existed. On the other hand, often. Some people wear costumes for erotic and exotic purposes. Most people consider this harmless fun, but some regard this behavior as a form of the term Fetish. Some say it is both. So what ever your fetish or erotic behavior maybe, check out our costumes!

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Crochet Knit  A large open knit pattern that resembles crocheting.

Crop Top:   A very short top extending to just below the breasts.

Crotchless:   A convenient slit or opening in the fabric covering the crotch area.


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